Existing users of MailNow! may download the latest update below.

Full installer (263MB) Download

Full installer with required prerequisites and virus pattern. Suitable for first-time installation or upgrading from MailNow! 5 or older. No separate download for prerequisites needed.

Minimum installer (106MB) Download

Compact installer without prerequisites and virus pattern. Suitable for upgrading from existing versions of MailNow! 6. Any missing prerequisites are only downloaded when needed.



  1. Fixed a bug in contacts whereby deleting a sub-folder of contacts will not properly remove that folder from the system.
  2. Fixed a security bug in AD integration.
  3. Fixed a bug in Drafts folder whereby editing an email inside the Drafts folder and saving it could cause the system to crash.
  4. Fixed a bug under webadmin Sending category whereby “Automatically add people I reply to my personal address book” setting was not possible to save or edit as it will restore to the previous settings value.
  5. Fixed a bug whereby clicking on the Print button in the mail page could cause the new appointment window to pop up.
  6. Fixed a bug in handling outlook email cancellation requests whereby viewing the event cancellation sent from outlook and event request from outlook can create duplicate events in the web mail calendar.
  7. Fixed a bug in the calendar page whereby events tooltips sometimes display the same details for all the events.
  8. Various fixes in the contacts page.
  9. Fixed a security bug in user impersonation feature in webadmin.
  10. Various fixes in webmail messenger page.
  11. Fixed a bug in the calendar page whereby changing from and to dates in new appointment window will cause the page to refresh.


  1. Various enhancement in handling events in the calendaring engine.
  2. Upcoming events tab in the Mail page now will automatically update if any modifications happens in the calendar or if a user accepts/rejects or tentatively accepts an event request.
  3. Enhanced the empty/delete folder feature. Now the emails will be moved to the deleted items once a folder is deleted.
  4. It is possible now to create an event without going to the calendar page using the compose button in the webmail.
  5. Various UI fixes and performance enhancements.

New Features:

  1. Archiving feature added to allow archiving of the emails either by the Administrator or by the user.
  2. New feature added to protect accounts against brute-force attacks so that after certain number of tries the IP address of the attacker will be blocked.
  3. The ability to show inline images in the webmail is added to this release however at the moment this feature is limited to the received emails only and is not applicable for the email after its gets replied or forwarded.
  4. New feature introduced where users can whitelist email(s) in the Junk and Infomail folders. Once whitelisted, the email(s) will be moved to the Inbox automatically.
  5. A new feature is introduced in the webmail to preview attached files by clicking on the attachment when composing an email. These are the supported extensions: .jpg and .jpeg .png, .bmp, .doc, .docx, .xl, .xls, .xlsx, .pdf


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