Flood, electrical shortages, fire or burglary could all end your client’s cycle of data availability. This is true when all the data resides in the same premise or office. Implementation of data backup to remote site are often done without quality check or consistencies. Some backups still using tapes and takes too long to recover.

InternetNow provides backing up of data to the nearest data warehouse locally, another branch that your client have or to the cloud in the most cost effective way. This is a service based backup that which you can offer to your clients and add in your value of service.

InternetNow uses Amazon as the storage backend and Amazon is compliant with both Malaysia’s PDPA law and high availability across the world and yet remains secure.

If the data is in terabytes of which transferring to the cloud would be inappropriate, InternetNow offer the option to pre-seed the data so that only changes of the data would need to be transferred and this could be done with a local data warehouse.

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