Hosting are one of the most economical ways to have email services for your organization. However in the event you find that :

  • Constantly need to add space due to the habit of your users.
  • Inability to track emails
  • The need for total security of emails ownership

These are signs that you might want to consider having your own email server. When you have the email server at your own office, you can easily replace and upgrade the hardware, backup the data centrally according to your own policies, track all email transaction and prevent anyone from having access to your emails.

You need the following resource in order to have your own email server :

Fix IP

One fix ip is needed so that emails from the internet will reach your server.

A cool location for your server

The email server would be running 24×7 so its best placed in a cool location.

InternetNow have several on-premise solutions, one of them being MailNow! 6, a full windows based email server.