What is MailNow!

MailNow! is a mail server software. Such software is used for creating email accounts and storing the mailboxes of an organization. It receives incoming mails and sends out outgoing mails on behalf of the users. Most emails users are familiar with email clients (e.g. Microsoft Outlook or web-based email). But these software need have a mail server running in the background in order to work. MailNow is a Windows- based mail server first developed in 1999. Today in its 6th iteration, it is relied by thousands of organizations in Malaysia and across the world to ensure their emails are safe and reliable.

Why MailNow! 6

Data Privacy

By having your own on-premise email server running MailNow!, you can take control of your organization’s emails again. You determine how the emails are stored, where they are stored and who have access to them.

Cost Effective

It is unbelievably low cost. The license is perpetual meaning that you are not forced to pay any renewal fees. Compared to cloud-based email solution, it is much cheaper to run in the longer term.

Ease of mind

MailNow! is a no-frills email server. It is simple to install and manage. It runs on Windows (and not the more technically challenging Linux). All data and configuration are stored in flat files. It does not rely on any advanced database server.

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