Existing users of MailNow! may download the latest update below.

Full installer (269MB) Download

Full installer with required prerequisites and virus pattern. Suitable for first-time installation or upgrading from MailNow! 5 or older. No separate download for prerequisites needed.

Minimum installer (112MB) Download

Compact installer without prerequisites and virus pattern. Suitable for upgrading from existing versions of MailNow! 6. Any missing prerequisites are only downloaded when needed.


  1. Fixed a compatibility issue caused by chrome 75 update whereby any links inside the email body without target attribute will open in the same window instead of using a new tab/window
  2. Fixed a bug in AntiSpam causing incoming emails to be stuck on the email queue.
  3. Fixed a bug in webmail whereby event attendees removed from the event can still respond to event invitations using web mail
  4. Various UI fixes for a better user experience.

You may download the outlook plugin for MailNow! 6 address book here

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