Many businesses are realizing that, despite getting their cybersecurity plans and strategies into motion earlier this year, they’re still finding themselves grappling with the fundamentals of cybersecurity, thus hindering their ability to secure their networks.

The constantly evolving threat landscape and increasing business complexity require an evolution of an organization’s cybersecurity playbook.

At InternetNow, we firmly believe that blind trust in software and technology’s capabilities is never a good option especially when you are working with critical infrastructure and sensitive data.

Research on the Causes of Security Breaches by BakerHostetler in 2015, concluded that human error is to be blamed for most breaches. As 24% of them were caused by employees’ actions or mistakes while 31% of issues happened because of malware, which could easily be counted among employees’ mistakes.

The human factor remains a fundamental part of network security. Case and point: the ongoing battle against the ransomware epidemic making headlines worldwide. Human error is playing a key role in ensuring this virus lives to fight another day.

A study conducted by Kaspersky Lab and B2B International, surveying over 5,000 businesses worldwide on the subject of cybersecurity, uncovered many businesses recognize that they are under threat from internal personnel but lack the resources or motivation to invest in empowering their personnel – arming them in the fight against ransomware which transforms them into a human firewall.

Training and education are needed at every level of an organization – from the mailroom to the boardroom – to address the growing concerns of vulnerabilities from within. Read More, here.

There is too much at stake for businesses be it large, medium and/or small not to make empowering employees a bigger priority and take more proactive measures. Innovation needs to continue to be the mandate in order to create great customer experiences, but bad actors will be evolving too and evolving their methods in order to take advantage.