Existing users of MailNow! may download the latest update below.

Important Notice

*Please note that if you are installing this new version you will need use MailNow! 6 storage engine.

*If you are still using the storage engine shipped with MailNow! 5 you will require to upgrade your current storage engine to MailNow! 6 storage engine before using this update. 

*If you have any doubts or queries please contact our technical support team before installing this update.

Full installer (275MB) Download

Full installer with required prerequisites and virus pattern. Suitable for first-time installation or upgrading from MailNow! 5 or older. No separate download for prerequisites needed.

Minimum installer (117MB) Download

Compact installer without prerequisites and virus pattern. Suitable for upgrading from existing versions of MailNow! 6. Any missing prerequisites are only downloaded when needed.

New Features:

  1. A new and improved storage engine which uses caching to improve the overall speed of MailNow! 6 and improve the overall system performance.
  2. New performance report to capture IMAP statistics
  3. New performance report to capture POP3 statistics.
  4. Storage engine activities report
  5. Import distribution lists in address book



  1. Enhance the display of event response status in calendar to allow to show the event invitation responses by outlook users of same domain.
  2. Events cancelled by outlook users of the same domain will be mark as declined from the calendars of the attendees of that event who are using webmail and a description will be amended to the event to denote that event is cancelled by the organizer.
  3. Appointment changes by outlook users of same domain is properly identified as a changed event by webmail instead of an existing event.
  4. Add a notification to prevent users from accidently clicking on a different email on list of emails while sending quick reply and lose any content typed in the quick reply.
  5. Provide a floating scroll for emails with large content which allows users to scroll the email without having to scroll to the bottom of the page to locate the horizontal scroll bar.
  6. Add a warning for sending emails without subject whereby using is notified of emails is sent without a subject and ask the user to confirm to proceed with sending the email.



  1. Fixed a bug in message rule whereby the scroll is not available intermittently in setting message rule actions thus preventing users to see all the actions available in setting a message rule.
  2. Fixed a bug in quick reply whereby images in the email opened, covered by quick reply and such images have a greater z-index than the quick reply box, those images will get clicked when a user is clicking inside the quick reply box.
  3. Fixed a bug in performance report whereby by clicking outside the comparison report causes the comparison report to close.
  4. Fixed a bug in email notification sound whereby if the user is not active on the web mail the notification sound will only trigger when the user is returning to the webmail.
  5. Fixed a bug in webmail whereby emails moved out of sent items folder does not display the email sent date properly.
  6. Fixed a bug in calendar whereby a calendar shared with free/busy permissions are allowed to be opened.
  7. Fixed a bug in system level and domain level address book whereby deleting a folder does not refresh the page.
  8. Fixed a bug in email compose whereby if a user double click on a token in to, cc or bcc and cut it from the respective fields it would not be removed from the email and the email will be sent to those users who are already removed.
  9. Fixed a bug in web mail whereby event synced from outlook will not appear in the upcoming calendar events.
  10. Fixed a bug in displaying upcoming events in web mail whereby events for a given date is not sorted on event start time before displaying.
  11. Fixed a bug in contacts whereby deleting a folder does not refresh the page properly causing non-existing contacts to be displayed.
  12. Fixed a bug whereby any emails moved out of sent items do not display the sent date properly when such emails reside in a custom folder.
  13. Fixed a bug whereby events synced via outlook are not displayed in upcoming events.
  14. Fixed a bug in users in system level and domain level where by deleting a user’s physical mailbox is not working when a single user is deleted.
  15. Fixed a bug in mail compose whereby no proper notification is given when user attempts to upload a file with excessively long filename.
  16. Fixed a bug in web mail whereby forwarding an email as attachment or replying to an email do not reflect the changes immediately on the given emails mail row.
  17. Fixed a bug whereby folders are allowed to be created with the name ‘Trash’ which is a reserved keyword for folders used in email clients.
  18. Fixed a bug in POP3 whereby users cannot log in using Active Directory.
  19. Fixed a bug in MailNow! 6 address book plugin whereby contacts in the custom folders are not displayed properly in outlook.
  20. Fixed a bug in message tracking whereby sending tracking for a given user and recipient tracking for a given another user are both enabled and sent to inbox only the sender tracking is properly sent to the inbox of the tracking account.
  21. Fixed a bug in MailNow! 6 whereby in systems which are using proxy setting the Antivirus cannot connect to the antivirus database.
  22. Fixed a bug in MailNow! 6 whereby in systems which are using proxy setting the Licensing cannot connect to the Licensing server properly.
  23. Fixed a bug in MailNow! 6 whereby potential spammers can send emails to users in the same domain using telnet.

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