March 26th, 2019 – InternetNow’s Quarterly Teh Tarik Session @ Subang

The theme for this quarter’s Teh Tarik Session was NextGen CyberSecurity Solutions whereby guests and participants were cautioned to the constantly evolving cyber threats in the IoT and the importance to step up and evolve on their current security solutions.

With more than 16 million malware threats being reported in Malaysia last year, placing the country at the top of the list for such attacks in South-East Asia (Malaysian Reserve 2019).

Ilyas Sapiyan, Director of InternetNow, shared why this is the right time for them to invest in Security AwarenessNow! to empower and mould their employees into keeping cybersecurity at the top of their mind all the time.

Isaac Wong, Security Solutions Architect of Sophos Malaysia shared, how Intercept X was able to top the NSS Labs Advanced Endpoint Protection (AEP) Security Value Map beating the likes of Symantec, Kaspersky and others. Not bad for a software that is priced the cheapest, to produce the highest Security Effectiveness at 99.1%. Its’ deep learning mechanism is the reason why it is able to combat new and constantly evolving cyber threats.

While Jefri Abdullah, Assistant Technical Director of InternetNow wrapped up this Teh Tarik by sharing with the participants on how Hornetsecurity’s Advanced Threat Protection (ATP) Module, exposes hard-to-find viruses using its’ sandbox engine and the freezing technology, where suspicious emails are withheld for a specific period of time, until they are analysed again with updated signatures. This allows users to surf their emails without worry.

Last but not least, no Teh Tarik Session is completed without Lucky Draws where winners were randomly chosen by our speakers.

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