A simple upgrade can keep you protected and efficient!

With cyberattacks becoming more common, unsupported software can create significant security and compliance risks.

By modernizing and transforming to the current version of MailNow! 6, you not only get better security, but you also get top-of-the-line performance and innovation.

The upcoming features and security is a great opportunity to transform your applications and infrastructure. It also means you can take advantage of our latest advancements.

4 Reasons to Upgrade:

  •  Improved Email Filtering with DMARC Protocol

This enables identification and blocking of phishing and other messages where a sender uses somebody else’s domain for sending email without authorization.

  • Upgraded Storage Engine (SE)

Faster, efficient and more stable storage engine than previous releases. Now available for download in 64 bit and 32 bit, both of which uses a newer python version for improved performance.

  • Improved Calendar Functions

Faster loading for heavy users and response updates for all calendar invites sent

  • Global Addressbook Sharing Across Other Domains


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We’re ready to get you back up and running — and ready to grow fast. Get started now!

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