According to MyCert (2019), in 2018 there was a total of 2,043,404 spam emails and 5,123 fraud cases which indirectly lead to Hornetsecurity’s sales to grow by 98%, year on year.

In conjunction with this, InternetNow decided to arm technical personnel with a basic introduction on Hornetsecurity’s services and teach some tips and tricks on how they can configure Hornetsecurity better!

The Technical Session was opened to InternetNow’s End Users and Resellers.

Jefri Abdullah, Assistant Technical Director of InternetNow conducted this training session by discussing how to set up Proof of Concept (POC) to exploring some basic features of spam filtering, archiving, email continuity and so on, to finally addressing the common troubleshooting scenarios faced by new users.

All in all the training was a success as everyone had fun and learned something new.

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