Existing users of MailNow! may download the latest update below.

Full installer (269MB) Download

Full installer with required prerequisites and virus pattern. Suitable for first-time installation or upgrading from MailNow! 5 or older. No separate download for prerequisites needed.

Minimum installer (112MB) Download

Compact installer without prerequisites and virus pattern. Suitable for upgrading from existing versions of MailNow! 6. Any missing prerequisites are only downloaded when needed.


  1. Improve error message displayed in case emails are not available to load
  2. Normalize styling in delete email confirmation buttons.


  1. Fixed a bug whereby system running the old storage engine was not working properly with new versions due to the inability to install some libraries used.
  2. Fixed a bug whereby deleting emails and moving emails from last page/ last item of a mail folder will not reload page properly in webmail.
  3. Display bcc contact details if available in email body in sent items
  4. Fixed a bug in webmail whereby read receipt displayed when an email is not loaded
  5. Fixed a bug in webmail whereby when using quick reply the previous email sender details are missing in the email body
  6. Fixed a bug in web mail whereby some content of some emails are not displayed properly.
  7. Fixed a compatibility issue caused with Google Chrome version 75 update whereby clicking on emails or folders would open a new the emails in new tab.
  8. Various UI fixes for a better user experience.

You may download the outlook plugin for MailNow! 6 address book here

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