June 19th, 2019 – InternetNow’s Raya Open House

Thank you for making the time to attend our Raya Open House. We hope you had as much fun attending as we did organizing.

InternetNow expresses their sincere appreciation to their Sponsors, all of whom who have generously helped us make this event come together to become a success.

The theme for this year’s Raya Open House was Evolving Cybersecurity whereby guests, were cautioned to the constantly evolving cyber threats in the IoT and the importance to step up and evolve their current security solutions.


“What’s dangerous, is not to evolve.”

Jeff Bezos


What do companies like BlackBerry, Atari, Yahoo!, Nokia and Kodak have in common?

They have all failed to evolve and became irrelevant!

The Cybersecurity Industry is going through the same evolution right now.

  • Artificial Intelligence (AI): Traditional signature-based antivirus is being threatened with AI-based products. These new products do not require daily database updates. They are faster and lighter. And they can detect unknown viruses.
  • Synchronised Security: This is the technology where all security products (from antivirus, firewall, cloud console etc) are integrated to function as one, to provide comprehensive security. No more products working in silos.
  • Security for Cloud: As more companies are moving to cloud infrastructures such as AWS and Microsoft Azure, the way we provide security for a company’s data is evolving.


As an IT practitioner, by keeping up with these changes you can better protect your companyAs we enter the next decade, learning and understanding these technologies will ensure that your skill sets remain relevant.

As an IT reseller, by keeping up with these changes you can survive in the Cybersecurity field. It could be the difference in keeping your existing customers and obtaining new ones.

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