New Features

  • Using POP3, you can now download other folders than the inbox. To do so, configure your POP3 account name as <account_name>#<folder name>. So for example if your account name is and you would like to download your “Deleted Items” folder, configure your POP3 account name<space>items

Not that the folder name is not case-sensitive and any spaces in the folder names must be replaced with the literal value of “<space>.

  • Implemented the outgoing mails to external recipients message limit.



    • If the MailNow! service is terminated abruptly (e.g. due to power cut or a hard reboot), the log directory might get corrupted which would result in the service failing to start next time. This has been fixed.


    • SSL for POP3, IMAP and SMTP server are now working again after getting broken by a recent change.


    • The installer will now check the prerequisites correctly on 64-bit Windows.


    • The antispam upload logging has been finetuned to correctly report if there is a new update available.


    • Fixed a bug whereby you are not allowed to choose to scan both incoming and outgoing mails for spam at the same time.


    • You can now configure multiple SSL ports on the same IP address.


    • The AutoComplete field in the To, CC, BCC field on the compose page will no longer display repeated email addresses when you click the down arrow to show even more results that match the input.


    • Fixed a rare case where a failed spam update would lock up the delivery threads and cause the SMTP spool to continue growing.


  • Fixed the bouncing-back of mails to external senders. Previously if you send an email from outside and the delivery of the mail failed, and a bounced-back mail is generated by mail back to you, that bounced-back will be marked as an internal mail and therefore not successfully delivered out.