New Features

    • Keyboard shortcuts are now implemented.


    • The installer will enable ASP.Net on IIS 6 (Windows 2003, XP Pro 64-bit) which is disabled by default.


    • The installer will generate a log file (C:\MN5InstallerLog.txt or within the root directory where Windows is installed). This log file records any details of the installation process (along with any errors encountered). If you suspect the installation did not run correctly, study log file.


    • You can now configure the host name used by SMTP during the HELO command. This can be configured in the WebAdmin, under System Setting, Server Host Name.


    • The default list of fields used to parse a virtual POP3 mail has been extended to:


  • An attached email viewed in the webmail can now be replied or forwarded.



    • Installing Python into a different directory than the MailNow! will not be a problem. You no longer have to create the var/log directory manually in the Python drive anymore.


    • Installing MailNow! to a non-default directory will not cause the IIS site not to be configured correctly anymore.


    • The installer will now check if any of the ports that it needs. Previously this was broken and no detection was done.


    • The installer will install the MailNow! POP3 and IMAP services correctly on 64-bit Windows now.


    • The webmail will decode any Base64 subject, from or to field correctly now.


    • Fixed the issue of bounce back mail with the error message “The given path’s format is not supported”. This was due to the email in question having an attachment with invalid characters in the name.


    • The time-out setting for the SMTP server is now read from the correct configuration file.


    • Fixed the issue on IE 8 where by there are white space between the columns in the grid in the webmail.


    • We now support email addresses with ‘&’.


    • The pause button in the Current Activities page in the WebAdmin will now really pause the scrolling rather than stop new messages from being displayed.


    • The addresses returned by the auto-complete field in the Compose page will now be sorted correctly.


    • The SMTP server uses HELO instead of EHLO by default now. This is to support the old SMTP servers out there.


  • Changed the undeliverable sender address from postman@delivery_subsystem to since some mail server will not accept the prior address.