New Features

    • A more user-friendly bounced back mail. The undeliverable mail’s subject, sender address, recipient address clearly specified. The header of the undeliverable mail is no longer attached separately, instead its included inline in the bounced-back mail.


  • Installer checks for prerequisites. If prerequisite is missing on the target machine, it will download the prerequisites from InternetNow! website.



    • POP3 and IMAP services will start automatically after a machine reboot. Windows Event Viewer might still complain that the MailNow! hang after a reboot but this message can be ignored.


    • The incoming and outgoing mail limit now works correctly (by treating the setting as kilobytes instead of bytes)


    •  Bounced back mails with the error message “Index was out of range. Must be non-negative and less than the size of the collection” will no longer happen.


    •  SMTP logging has been temporary turned off due to rare SMTP port hanging issue reported.


    •  POP3 leave-messages-on-server fix for Outlook and Outlook Express. On Outlook if the STAT command is replied with ERR, Outlook will delete all the local records of the mails its downloaded before. This will result in the mails to be redownloaded.


  • A username with an apostrophe (‘) is now supported.