These predictions are just a handful of the many threats on the IoT. Organisations need to evolve as current security solutions, do not sufficiently provide protection against evolving cyber threats.

What we can do?

1. Invest in Security AwarenessNow!
Which enhance awareness, education and training of our employees and IT staff making them a human firewall. Our employees are on the front lines of this cybercrime battle and one avoided click can save hours of down time for IT.

2. Invest into NextGen Cybersecurity Solutions
At the same time, our solutions need to evolve to keep these cyber threats at bay. Which means that cybersecurity operations transition from a static, predictable cadence to a constantly evolving and changing one. Implementing cybersecurity in an enterprise is no longer a “linear project” but a “lifecycle” that allows continual evolution and change to deal with changing threat and risk landscapes because becoming secure and staying secure are two different things.

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