We are aware on several WannaCry attacks on last Friday, 12/05/2017. Kaspersky identifies these threats as “WannaCry” ransomware.

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What is “WannaCry”?
“WannaCry” is the latest variant of ransomware which it will spread through network and infected the computer through Windows vulnerabilites. A system can be infected with “WannaCry” without doing anything. “WannaCry” ransomware is targeting on Microsoft Windows user.

We strongly recommend you to follow on the suggestions below to ensure the highest level of security on your computer:

  • Make sure Kaspersky Software is upgraded to the latest version and has the latest virus signature database updates.
  • Make sure the System Watcher is on, it’s essential to fight new varieties of the malware that might emerge.
  • User must have the the latest Windows operating system updates and patches.
  • Do not click on hyperlink/URL Link, or open attachments sent to you in emails from unknown senders. We recommend that you avoid opening unsolicited email attachments from someone you know and trust.
  • It was strongly recommend on not visiting high risk or untrusted website. For example, video sharing websites, free software websites, and others.
  • Disable or restrict Remote Desktop Protocol (RDP) access.
  • Do not accept or share a network folder from untrusted source
  • Disable macros in Microsoft Office.
  • For Windows XP user, please disable SMBv1


Source: https://blog.kaspersky.com/wannacry-ransomware/16518/