New features:

  • Implemented link failover. So if you have a set-up where you load-balance a few Internet links, should any of the links go down, ProxyNow! will ensure that all traffic will go out via the other links. In the previous versions, the traffic which have already been cached by the routing table will not redirect away from the affected link. The load balancer will also not recognise the fact that the affected links are down and will continue to direct traffic to those links.Now, ProxyNow! will be able to detect if a link is down and will not use that link anymore. Once the link is back up, ProxyNow! will automatically start directing traffic through that link.

    The status of the links are checked every 30 seconds. So if you are testing, you need to wait for at least 30 seconds before you the failover kicks in.

  • Implemented a feature to monitor the health of the various components of ProxyNow! Should any of them go down, they will be automatically restarted. The checking is done every 1 minute.



  • We have increased the number of users that can be authenticated simultaneously to 20. This is useful for environments with many users which must be authenticated before going out.
  • Implemented global exception for the web proxy. This allows you to specify the sites that can be accessed without any authentication. By default all the major antivirus and Windows update site will be excluded from authentication. This setting is available under Web Proxy | Advanced.
  • The administrator email address can be modified under Administration | General
  • All the missing data on the dashboard are not implemented (antivirus pattern date, number of requests, number of blocks, number of malware detected)
  • Implemented user search to allow for each searching of a user under an Access Control Profile
  • User list under Access Control Profile is now sorted alphabetically (but case-sensitive unfortunately)
  • There are a number of applications which uses a special HTTP/1.1 field in their POST request called Expect: 100-continue. Squid, being a HTTP/1.0 proxy, does not support this field and returns the error “417 Expectation failed” (as it should). However many of the applications do not handle this error correctly. By right it should fall back to HTTP/1.0 but they don’t and instead just display the error. We configured squid to ignore this field now.



  • Fixed the issue with the proxy failing to start with the error “/opt/squid/var/cache/00: (2) No such file or directory”. This will happen if you enable the caching. Also by default the caching is on (under Web Proxy | Advanced) but it will only be truly on when you turn it off and then back on. This bug has also been fixed.
  • Fixed an issue introduced in 5.0.33-beta which affected the upgrading of ProxyNow! to version 5.0.33 (the user will see an error message saying “Database locked”)
  • Fixed the categories report whereby some users who upgraded from an older version might see an error when trying to view the Categories report.
  • Fixed the issue of the charts under Report | Hardware not working.