New Features

  • We fully support non-English character set now. You can receive and send out mails in languages like Japanese, Korean, Chinese and Thai now. In addition to manually specifying the default character set to be used when composing, MailNow! can now automatically detect which character set should be used. For example you can just compose a mail in, say Japanese, and MailNow! will correctly set the character set for the email to Japanese.
  • We also support plain text corporate signature in addition to the existing rich-text version.Also you can disable the corporate signatures without having to delete them.
  • The webmail is now capable of displaying embedded images in the correct location in a mail.
  • The webmail now supports read receipt. You can request for read receipts when you send out. And you can respond to incoming mails with read receipts. The settings for this options in under Settings | Webmail | Miscellaneous.
  • The webmail now supports an alternative Reply-To address. Using this feature you can ensure that when people reply your emails it will go to a different address. This can be configured under Settings | Webmail | Sending | Reply to address.
  • Virus mails will now be dropped instead of being sent to the Junk folder.
  • When we encounter a permanent SMTP error (a 500 error) we straight away bounce back the email rather than reattempt.
  • The domains, users, aliases and group policies pages now support auto-complete to make it easier to search for a particular item.


  • All known issues with corporate signature (blank mail, missing attachments, signature added multiple times) have been resolved.
  • The header of the mail displayed in the webmail is more accurate now.
  • Fixed a bug which causes files to be left over in the <MailNow>/Temp folder.
  • Fixed a bug which would cause the single-instance storage not to function.
  • Fixed to detect virus and undeliverable notification as spam as well. Previously these were not considered as spam.
  • We have corrected the support for old SMTP servers. HELO will not be used by default when making outgoing SMTP connection. EHLO will be used if the SMTP connection requires authentication.
  • We now ignore any SSL certificate error by default. This is to ensure that we can download mails from POP3 servers with self-signed certs.
  • Some of the images in the webmail have been compressed further to make the loading of the webmail faster.
  • The webmail will now correctly reply an email using the Reply-To field first. If its not available, then only the From field used to determine which address an mail should be replied to.
  • When you restart the MailNow! service, the mails in the TRUSTED_SOURCE queue will be reprocessed. Previously they would be ignored.
  • The last antispam update check date is now saved correctly. So in the WebAdmin, you will be able to see when was the last time MailNow! checked for the antispam update.
  • The webmail no longer logs to the Event Viewer to minimise the number of messages in there.
  • Fixed an issue where Thunderbird and Gmail users might not be able to see some mails forwarded from MailNow! This is due to the fact that these 2 email programs cannot decipher Base64 attachments.