important notice

Dear resellers & end users,

Microsoft is releasing a security update on January 9th (Patch Tuesday) for all supported Windows versions (Desktop 7-10 / Server 2008-2016) that has compatibility issue with our B2B products (resulted in BSOD):

1) KES for Windows (version 10 SP2 only (, including KES Cloud

2) KSOS (all supported versions)

3) Kaspersky Anti-Ransomware Tool (all supported versions)

Other Windows based endpoint B2B products (KSV, KSWS, KESS, KICS) are not affected

The mitigation planned from our side is as follows:

1) We’ve already (18.12.17) released the fix via db updates, so the installed products with this update applied will be resistant to Jan 9th update

2) Before Jan 9th we will release patches and replace the product distributives on the web site, to cover new installations (on machines with Jan 9th update applied)

Please take note & have a wonderful day ahead.


Regards, InternetNow