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Company Kick-Off Retreat 2018

  We had a very great 2017. Time to reward the staff for all their hard-work and use this weekend to recharge and strive for continuous improvement for 2018.  

Teh-Tarik 2.0 – Syncronised Security by Sophos (Mar 2018)

Full house! Thanks for coming to Sophos’s Teh-Tarik at Coffee Bay @ Sunway Nexis. Introducing Syncronised Security by Sophos, focusing on Intercept X 2.0 and Sophos XG Firewall (SFOS v17).  

Bad Rabbit: The Rise of a New Ransomware Epidemic

Dear valued customers and dealers, Bad Rabbit: The Rise of a New Ransomware Epidemic A new cyber attack is affecting computer systems around Europe. A strain of ransomware known as “Bad Rabbit” is believed to be behind the trouble, and has spread to Russia, Ukraine,...

Teh Tarik Session Hornetsecurity (Sept 2017)

Full house! Thanks for coming to our new Teh-Tarik 2.0 ☕  at Coffee Bay, Sunway Nexis. Introducing Hornetsecurity, a pioneer that offers a holistic protection for Cloud security by providing protection from Targeted Attacks like spearphishing, CEO-fraud, Ransomware and so much...

Vistage Day 2017

Vistage Day 2017 is an exciting full day event with morning Golf Challenge 2017 and afternoon CEO Tea Talk session with opportunities to connect with Vistage members and Chairs from their Malaysia/Singapore community fostering members’ networking and providing value-add on a...

Second wave of global ransomware attack

Petya Ransomware Spreading Rapidly Worldwide, Just Like WannaCry The WannaCry ransomware is not dead yet and 2nd wave of ransomware attack based on the recent SMB exploit is here. A new variant of Petya ransomware, also known as Petwrapworks very differently from any other...

Teh Tarik Session BA 10 (May 2017) – WannaCry: Are you safe?

Thank you for attending our Teh Tarik session. Hope you have benefit from today’s presentation and knowledge sharing on WannaCry Ransomware and how to protect your data by BackupAssist. WannaCry: Are you safe?  Our Teh Tarik session today is about Ransomware and how the NEW...

WannaCry: Are you safe?

We are aware on several WannaCry attacks on last Friday, 12/05/2017. Kaspersky identifies these threats as “WannaCry” ransomware. What is “WannaCry”? “WannaCry” is the latest variant of ransomware which it will spread through network and...

Company Kick-Off Retreat 2017

  We had a very great 2016 with record breaking sales and a 27% year-on-year growth. Time to reward the staff for all the hardwork and use this weekend to recharge and plan for 2017. After great 2015 and 2016, let’s make 2017 a 3 in a row success!

Upgrade your Kaspersky to guard against Ransomware

A ransomware is a piece of malware that will lock your machine by encrypting your files and even database. These kind of malware are also known as crypto virus and crypto wall. Some will prevent you to load browser or any app that is seems as a way to get help. You will need to...