New features:

  • Added the ability to block users from surfing Facebook, YouTube and Twitter in transparent mode even if the user uses HTTPS to bypass the filter.



  • Several enhancements in Captive Portal user interface.
  • Mail server setting moved to “Administration -> General” page, for easier access.
  • Upgrade page no longer shows BETA versions by default.



  • Fixed a bug whereby adding a user with single quote character into content filter will not work.
  • Fixed a bug in load balancing page whereby if load balancing is enabled, clicking save button would disable it.sier access.
  • Fixed a bug in DNAT/SNAT page whereby the “new source” and “new source port” information was not shown in the listing if the mode is set to BOTH
  • Fixed a bug in DNAT/SNAT page whereby when trying to clone a “BOTH” mode and save it, it prompts for “please specify new source and new source port”.