Explosive data growth, combined with demanding requirements for data availability, has placed a tremendous burden on IT operations staff at businesses of all sizes. Yet, many organizations do not have the staff or budget to purchase and manage complex and expensive backup and recovery software products.

Amanda Enterprise was designed to address these challenges–providing a backup and recovery solution that combines fast installation, simplified management, enterprise-class functionality, and low-cost subscription fees. As an open source product, Amanda Enterprise only uses standard formats and tools — effectively freeing you from being locked into a vendor to recover your archived data.



Centralized Management for Heterogeneous Environments

Backup and recover a few, dozens, or even hundreds of Linux, Solaris, Windows, VMware, and Mac computers, as well as your databases and applications, using one web-based management console. Data can be stored on tape, disk, optical devices, or online storage (public or private storage clouds).


Powerful Enterprise-Class Protection with Radically Simple Administration

Gain all the functionality needed by most mid-size enterprises without the extra bells and whistles that increase user complexity and inflate costs. Installation and configuration is quick and simple. Advanced features – such as Amanda Enterprise’s unique intelligent scheduler and point-and-click restore – further speed and simplify operations.


Wide Platform and Application Support

Amanda Enterprise supports Linux, Solaris, Windows, VMware, and Mac OS X clients. Amanda also protects databases such as Oracle and Microsoft SQL Server, and the data in e-mail applications including Microsoft Exchange. See the Compatibility Matrix table for a complete list of supported clients and agents.


Open Source: Industry Standards

Industry standard data formats allow you the flexibility to recover your data with or without Amanda Enterprise being installed. All other commercial products use proprietary methods that lock you into their product, requiring its use to restore your own data!


Low Cost of Ownership

Reduce your IT costs with subscription fees that are up to 80 percent less than licensing costs for competitive products. Simplified and centralized operations improve administrator productivity, further reducing the cost of ownership.


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