New features:

  • Support for Active Directory single sign on. Browsers that support NTLM authentication will be able to surf without logging in provided that the workstation logged into the AD domain. Note that if you are already using AD authentication existingly, to take advantage of this new feature, you need to reconfigure the AD authentication. Specifically, the new setting requires the pre-Windows 2000 domain to be supplied.
  • LDAP authentication support. Note that LDAP authentication can also be used to authenticate with Active Directory (since AD supports LDAP). Just ensure that the administrator name configured in LDAP authentication (in ProxyNow!) complete with domain (e.g.
  • New error pages.



  • An access profile with too many users may cause squid to fail due to configuration line too long in squid.conf. This has been fixed.
  • Allow for the images and CSS files hosted on to be accessed by PN5 error pages. This ensures all error pages are displayed correctly even if the Internet is blocked for the user.