And the following are some of the refinements that have been made to MailNow! 5.1:


  • User-jump window: This new window allows you to switch to another user while still staying on the same setting page. This is fantastic if you need to change the same setting for a lot of users.


  • Configuring migration setting using CSV file: You can now easily configure the Priority Migration setting for all (or selected) users by importing a comma separated values (CSV) file. This is very helpful if you are trying to migrate MailNow! Instead of configuring the migration setting user by user, key in all the data into a CSV file and then import all the data in using the User Import feature.
  • Straight to users: When you log into the WebAdmin, you will automatically the user list, saving you time from having to manually select a domain and list out the users.
  • Alphabetically sorted: The navigation tree on the left is now sorted alphabetically to make it easier for you to find the page you are looking for.
  • Mailbox: When you delete a user, you will now be given an option to remove the physical mailbox. With this you don’t need to manually remove the physical files anymore when you delete a user.


  • Faster: Various optimisation has been made to enhance the speeding of the Advanced webmail.
  • At the top: The system created folders (e.g. Inbox, Deleted Items) are display at the top of the folder list to make it easier for you to find them.
  • Detailed summary page: The summary page has been enhanced to display all folders including subfolders. This help greatly in identifying the folders that are contributing most to your mailbox size.
  • Multiple forward: If you select multiple mails and forward them as attachment, all the mails will be forwarded together as attachments in one mail. This makes it a lot cleaner and easier to forward multiple mails.
  • Search: A search box is now readily available in the inbox to makes searching faster.
  • Attachment reminder: The webmail will remind you if it thinks you have forgotten to attach a file before you send your email.


  • It is now easier to change the settings in the WebAdmin. All inherited settings are not disabled by default in the webmail. This will allow the users to easily modify the inherited settings, without needing to figure out that they need to change the setting’s inheritance to overwrite.
  • Settings which are list in nature, such as blacklist, whitelist, message rules, can now inherit from upper levels. This allows you to define a list a high level (e.g. System level) and then have all the lower levels to inherit that list. Yet at the same time you can modify the inherited list by adding additional items, or delete specific items.

Message Tracking

  • No duplicates: This feature has been revamped to ensure when a mail contains multiple recipients, only one copies of the mail appears in the tracking folder. Previously, you might see duplicates depending on the tracking style you chose.


  • Forwarding: Now you can also configure to have your email forwarded to another account while you are away from the office. On the Autoreply page, there’s a field for forwarding email address now. As long as your autoreply is enabled, the forwarding will take place. So once your vacation date has expired, the forwarding will be automatically turned off along with the autoreply. The forwarding will not delete the original mail in the inbox. Please do not mistake this forwarding with that under the Forwarding page.


  • Quota: Now you can set the limit for the size of the mails that is allowed to be sent to an alias. This way you can control the size of the email can be blasted to an alias.

Attachment Filtering

  • Quarantine: Implemented a feature whereby you can keep a copy of the emails in a quarantine account, before their attachments are filtered by the message rules. This way the administrator can configure such quarantine account and in the event, a user complains that they would like to retrieve back a filtered attachment, they can go look for the original mail in the quarantine account. At the moment the quarantine account must be manually maintained (i.e. you must clear it from time to time).


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