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Congratulation to Ms. Amanda Lee who won an iPad home!


Amanda Lee  –  Firstnet Solution Sdn Bhd

I LIKE MailNow! 5, because version can support for long time..’Mailnow! 5 is a great solution, as it helps my customer to solve email problems. Thanks you ,MailNow! 5.

Raymond Foo  –  Secure Parking Corporation Sdn Bhd

I Like MailNow! 5 as it has improved by leaps and bounds since its earlier versions and keeps on growing in strength and features as times goes on..kudos to the developers, Malaysia boleh!

KF Chan  –  D’one Solutions Sdn Bhd

I like MailNow! 5 because it has a Cool Webmail, Blackberry friendly, Backup ALL YOUR EMAILS, Super fast and the list goes on. But more importantly, it give you a chance to be like these CRAZY DUDES… Win a iPad and do your crazy moves 😀

Fernando M.Gorres  –  United-Seino Transportation (M) Sdn Bhd

been using MailNow! for more than 7 years but MN5 is the best corp.. mail server ever! compatible with iPad2 some more..

Fariz Mustafha  –  TITI Multimedia SDN BHD

MailNow! 5 It is a great Corporate Mail Server. With a low maintenance, high performance and usability experience offered for business it suits an organization needs. Good job MailNow! 5.

Carmen Low Yin Yee  –  Bizzworks Technologies Sdn Bhd

The new features development of MailNow 5 are very outstanding and as well as it deliver the low maintenance cost.

Lee Wing Soon  –  KMBS

MailNow! 5 is better because it is an upgrade version of MailNow! 4.5. kakaka, overall, it gives better performance and better UI .

Tan Yew Lin  –  G2000

MailNow! 5 with user friendly function and interface plus quality support team make my life more easier.

Tom Wong  –  YSP Industries (M) Sdn Bhd

MailNow! 5 give administor more powerful to control and manage user

Manikandan Manikcakvasagam  –  Tong Yong Rubber (M) Sdn Bhd

MailNow5! Good!

Lau Chong Lim  –  DMC Technology Sdn. Bhd.

MailNow5! = Email 

Email = Business

Business = Wealth

Therefore, MailNow!5 = Wealth

Frank Rayz  –  Pantai Education Sdn Bhd

I like Mail Now5 because it’s an local product made from Malaysia Company (Internet Now!) ^_^.

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