Email Contacts And MailNow! 5 Address Book

Contacts once belonged to booklet kept in your pockets. It goes wherever you go. Today, contacts are in hand phones, office directories, email clients and such. Corporate addresses are the next level of contact-keeping and are one of the hardest to maintain because if without proper help, every staff might have different contacts all over!

Furthermore, for the sake of keeping addresses well-organized, there will see a certain need for departmentalizing addresses into groups. And sub-groups. Not forgetting some companies require the groups to be further clustered regionally. Looking at the company staff chart of SEA Pharmaceuticals below will give an idea.


But there are several challenges at all related levels within the Enterprise. For example:

Screen Shot 2015-02-28 at 12.24.29 PM

Screen Shot 2015-02-28 at 12.24.10 PM

InternetNow seeks to assist MailNow! 5 users to own and manage such daunting task by delivering three things:

1. A new and better open source LDAP Server. By successfully leveraging on its versatility, MailNow!5 is able to feature a more detailed address book, complete with user particulars. MailNow! 5 can also display each contacts based on groups and sub-groups.


2. The development of MailNow! 5 Address Book Plugin for Microsoft Outlook. It is a compact tool helping many Outlook users to search for contacts more efficiently with MailNow! 5 since all company contacts can be sorted groups already in MailNow! 5. Any new addition or changes made to the contact are also reflected instantly. These contacts are complete with user info.





3. The webmail contact search operation yields faster results because it no longer access the LDAP in search of contact, rather it connects directly to the Storage Engine, which by the way is a Hybrid technology ensuring a much better stability.



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