• Outlook Address Book Plugin (v3.0.3)
    • Implemented extra caching to make the query speed faster. Extremely useful for users with slow connections. The plugin will no longer try to connect to the LDAP server for every query. Instead it will use the copy from the cache if a query is made less than 15 minutes before the last one.


  • Outlook Address Book Plugin (v3.0.2)
      • Implemented caching for offline viewing (both for the address book hierarchy as well as the results for each address book and its subgroups viewed). This means even when you have no network connection to MailNow! LDAP server, Outlook will still be able to display the list of address books (and the groups under them) that you have viewed before. In addition to that any address books that have been “queried” before will also be remembered. So that means if you have tried to list, say the HR department in your global address book, you will still be able to view the users under this department even when you are working offline.
      • We have added the Job Title column to the search result list. So now, in addition to seeing the names, email address, department and company name, you will also see the contact’s job title by default.
      • Removed the foreign address, black list and white list checkboxes in the advance configuration tab.
      • Outlook 2000 is also supported along with Outlook 2002 (a.k.a. Outlook XP), 2003, 2007 and 2010.


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