With a host of innovative new features, MailNow! 5 delivers low maintenance, high performance and usability experience for businesses and hosting companies.


  • WebmailAll new Webmail that leverages on the latest AJAX technology that won’t make you miss your desktop clients. Support drag/dropp and right click menus. Multiple themes for discerning users.
  • Web-Based Admin ConsoleAJAX powered Web-based interface for management, configuration and reporting.
  • AntispamOut of the box antispam filter that uses connectionless algorithm with 98% accuracy. Proven to exhibit super low false alarm in comparison with other antispam technology. Includes generic Antivirus detection.
  • Message TrackingNew archiving feature that complies with Sarbanes-Oxley and HIPAA regulations. Configurable per domain, group and individual.
  • Hyper PolicyCreate and propagate powerful policies easily with our Hyper Policy layout.
  • Individual Transactional LoggingFastest way to trace emails and status via Individual Transactional Logging. Treats each email as a transaction that could be traced easily without resorting to log file searching and “grep”.
  • Distributed Intrinsic SchedulerEliminate queue hogging from another domain with the Distributed Intrinsic Scheduler feature that separates each domain queue from affecting each other.
  • Hybrid StorageNew Hybrid Storage that eliminates proprietary storage format and provides immunity of bad sectors corruption. Uses reference based technology for space saving storage.
  • ImpersonateImpersonate feature allows assisting end users without compromising passwords (configurable).
  • *Robot for Mail Server!The first *Robot for Mail Server! Get alerts via your Messenger on your mail server and other services status. Get notified of new emails and instruct the Robot to collect information for support!


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