Existing users of MailNow! may download the latest update below.

Full installer (83.5MB) Download | Upgrading is easy. Here’s how…

Full installer with required prerequisites and virus pattern. Suitable for first time installation or upgrading from MailNow! 4 or older. No separate download for prerequisites needed.

Minimum installer (31.9MB) Download | Upgrading is easy. Here’s how…

Compact installer without prerequisites and virus pattern. Suitable for upgrading from existing versions of MailNow! 5. Any missing prerequisites are only downloaded when needed.


New Feature:

  1. New Storage Engine. The new storage engine makes Mailnow a lot faster and enhances the whole user experience. This version will be installed by default if its a fresh installation of MailNow. During the installation process it will detect if the previous MailNow is using the older storage engine, and if so it uses the older storage engine. Of course older MailNow users have the option to use the new storage engine by migrating all their mailbox to new version.



  1. Fixed a bug whereby after pop3 download, some of the emails are left in inbox.
  2. Fixed a bug regarding the MailNow software prerequisites whereby they couldn’t installed correctly.
  3. Fixed the issue whereby Mailnow couldn’t installed correctly on Windows XP 64bits.
  4. Fixed the issue where Pop3 will redownload if service restarted or takes too long to reply



  1. WebMail: Now MailNow shows an in line error whenever there is a problem with network connection instead of showing a pop up.
  2. WebMail: Left margin in compose page increased.


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