Existing users of MailNow! may download the latest update below.

Full installer (91.4MB) Download | Upgrading is easy. Here’s how…

Full installer with required prerequisites and virus pattern. Suitable for first time installation or upgrading from MailNow! 4 or older. No separate download for prerequisites needed.

Minimum installer (31.5MB) Download | Upgrading is easy. Here’s how…

Compact installer without prerequisites and virus pattern. Suitable for upgrading from existing versions of MailNow! 5. Any missing prerequisites are only downloaded when needed.


What’s new in 5.1.2:

  1. Back-up: The loading of the back up page has been optimised. 1000 users would take less than 5 seconds now.
  2. Back-up: The back-up now uses single instance store technology (similar to the Storage Engine). This means a humongous performance gain in terms of duration and hard disk space used to complete a back-up. Provided that the destination of the back-up is on the same drive. From our test, the space used for back up is less than 1% of the total mailbox size now and the time taken is only around 15% of the previous time. More details on the performance gains here
  3. Webmail: The webmail now will allow recipient addresses with the domain “.travel”. Previously it would reject it as an invalid email address.
  4. Webmail: The Received Date field has been removed from the Sent Items folder since outgoing mails have not received dates.
  5. Purging: Previously if you configured the scheduled purging of old mails in the Sent Items folder, all the mails will be purged regardless of their age. This bug has now been fixed to ensure that only mails that are old enough are purged.
  6. Purging: You can now specify which folder you would like to purge instead of purging all the folders. See more details here


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