Existing users of MailNow! may download the latest update below.

Full installer (78MB) Download

Full installer with required prerequisites and virus pattern. Suitable for first time installation or upgrading from MailNow! 4 or older. No separate download for prerequisites needed.

Minimum installer (25MB) Download

Compact installer without prerequisites and virus pattern. Suitable for upgrading from existing versions of MailNow! 5. Any missing prerequisites are only downloaded when needed.


New Features:

1.    Winmail conversion: Added support for OLE attachments and location of embedded attachments. We now can extract the images in OLE attachments so instead of seeing “Untitled attachment” you would see the image file. We also now will indicate the location of where the embedded attachments had previously appeared in a rich text email.

2.    WebAdmin: Blackberry Direct Sync can be configured now in system setting.


1.    Delivery: We now support alias within alias. We allow 20 levels deep which should be more than enough.

2.    Webmail: The code to clean-up of folders have been removed when loading inbox page, the clean-up will only execute during logout. This will enhance the performance.

3.    User setting form: Put protection against user setting form email which does not have plain-text body. This can happen if you are using Thunderbird, which believe it or not, has an option to send HTML only email. Previously such a mail would be stuck in the SMTPQueue, now it would be bounced back with an appropriate error message.

4.    Logging: Added extra logging to the service log (located under <MailNow installation directory>/Logs/Combined). In the future if the SMTP module takes a long time to start due to the fact that there is an unusually high number of files in the SMTPQueue folder, you will see the following line as the last line:

“Trying to start QueueManager. Will take a long time if SMTPQueue is big”

5.    Installer: Improved the installer by making sure that the Port Checker will always appear in front of the installer window. Previously it has been known to hide behind.


1.    WebAdmin: Fixed bug concerning the loss of locking and visibility setting in the webmail. In MailNow! you can lock a setting so that the users will not be able to modify the setting. You can also make the setting become invisible. Previously, if you make changes to the locking or visibility of a setting, these visibility will be lost when you restart the service.

2.    WebAdmin: Corrected the description in Antispam | Scan | Allow Non Delivery setting in Antispam page in the WebAdmin.

3.    Main service: Fixed a bug in the LogManager which might cause an error when you shutdown the MailNow! service.

4.    Delivery: Fixed an issue in the delivery module whereby the main service will terminate because MailNow! files are locked by another application.

5.    POP3 Download: Fixed a bug whereby the “drop non-local recipient” feature in POP3 download was not working properly. Basically with this feature you can download a virtual/catch-all POP3 account and if any of the recipients parsed from the header is not a local user, MailNow! will just drop the mail rather than bounce it back. This is useful if you have some external users who are hosted on the hosting POP3 server rather than on the MailNow! because it can prevent looping and duplicate mails involving those external and non-existant users.

6.    Webmail: Fixed the issue which prevented the user from attaching multiple EML files.

7.    Webmail: Fixed the issue whereby settings with dates will not have it’s locked property saved.

8.    Webmail: Previously when you try to search for a contact in the Personal Address Book page, you will not be able to edit or view the details of any distribution lists found. This issue has been fixed. Now you can edit not just contacts but distribution lists as well.

9.    Webmail: Fixed the feature for exporting Personal Address Books to CSV files. Previously the export would be missing a few fields (e.g. email address, IM address). The missing fields would also mean that if the CSV file was used to be imported into MailNow!, the contacts will not appear in the MailNow! LDAP directory.

10.    WebAdmin: Fixed the incorrect date format displayed for the antivirus database version in the System Settings | Antivirus page.

11.    Winmail.dat conversation: Fixed the issue whereby the copying of bad winmail.dat attachment to the <MailNow>/SMTPQueue/Bad folder failed resulting in a lot of .tmp file left in the <MailNow>/Temp folder. The issue also resulted in the email not being removed from the SMTPQueue and repeatedly processed.

12.    Junk mail purging: The purging will continue even if there’s an error with one of the users’ mailbox.

13.    Back-up: Fixed the back-up feature so that even if one of the user’s mailbox failed to be backed up due to an error, the back-up will proceed with the other users.

14.    Delivery: Fixed a bug where “.QJB.QJB” (yes 2 QJB extensions) would be left behind in the SMTPQueue folder if a mail is blocked by a sending/receiving permission specified by the administrator.

15.    POP3 Download: If you configure to drop mails to non-local users, we now also recognise aliases (instead of just users). But the alias must not be configured to be visible internally only.

16.    SMTP: Fixed a bug whereby if a client sends an email over the maximum message size limit specified in the WebAdmin (under System Settings | SMTP In | SMTP Server | Maximum Mail Size), a thread will be leaked and a .SMTP temporary file will be left over in the <MailNow!>/Temp folder. This could result in the main MailNow! service in running out of memory after some time.

17.    Installer: Fixed the issue whereby if you install MailNow! to a brand new machine for the first time, the IMAP and POP3 service will not work (when accessed via a client) until you restart the MailNow! service..