New Features:

1. Domain level address books:
You can now create numerous address books which is visible to all the users under the domain. You can use this users to share contacts and distribution lists between the users in your company.

Amongst the key attributes of this new feature are:

  • All address books are visible in the webmail in the all new Address Book page which is accessible when you are composing a new mail.
  • The address books are also automatically published to MailNow! LDAP server, making them accessible via MailNow! Address Book Plugin for Outlook.
  • In addition to being able to create as many address books are you wish, you can also create as many folders as you wish. These folders are a great way to organise your contacts and they will appear in the webmail as well as in Outlook (using MailNow! Address Book Plugin).
  • An import wizard has been implemented which enables the easy migration of address books from other mail servers. The import wizard uses CSV (comma separated values) file and can import both users and distribution lists. It is also capable of automatically creating the groupings that exists in the original mail server. That way you can preserve the original hierarchy of the address book.

2. You can now group your MailNow! users and aliases into different folders. A special address book called    “Global Address Book” allows you to specify these groupings. These folders could for example represent different branches, states, offices or departments.

Again these groupings will be reflected both reflected the webmail as well as Outlook (using MailNow! Address Book Plugin).

3. The back-up feature now allows you to configure:

  • Destination of back up
  • The maximum duration for the back-up to run before stopping
  • The number of back-ups to keep before the oldest one is removed

4. We now handle embedded images in an Outlook Rich Text mail. Previously such mail would generate a “winmail.dat” file. Even though, in v5.0.78, we introduced a feature to extract attachments out of winmail.dat files to enable non-Outlook users to be able to access the attachments, embedded images are inserted into the winmail.dat by Outlook as attachments. Instead Outlook compresses the original mail (which is in Rich Text Format (RTF)) into the winmail.dat file. We now extract the RTF file and make it available as an attachment.

5. We have added a version page to make it easier for you to find out what version of MailNow! you are using.

6. The webmail now supports Download all attachments, and .eml file can be saved, by clicking on the save icon next to it.

7. A significant enhancement has been made to the storage engine speed using the FastDir module. Note that this enhancement requires Visual C++ 2005 Runtime to be installed on the server. The runtime can be downloaded from:


  1. The setting to autoreply once a day or once throughout the whole vacation period has been fixed. Previously MailNow! might not autoreply consistently.
  2. We have enabled anonymous access to the LDAP server. Previously when you configure LDAP access you would need to specify username and password (note that we are not referring to the Mailnow! Address Book Plugin). We have reenabled the anonymous access to follow MailNow! 4. Note that this requires the reinstallation of the MailNow! 5 LDAP Server. This would require running the MailNow! LDAP Server installer manually in addition to running the MailNow! 5 installer.
  3. The time zones available for selection in the Webmail settings will be based on the Windows version on the server where MailNow! 5 is installed. Previously the list of time zones was hardcoded but now we will extract the time zones available in Windows.
  4. Previously if a mail contains a number of external recipients, the email sent out will contain repetitive “received” fields in the mail header. Now, only one.
  5. The “received” field in the mail header will now record the actual SMTP HELO domain, IP address of the SMTP client and the local MailNow! 5 server host name.
  6. Fixed a bug where the change-user-settings-via-email feature might not work correctly for MailNow! servers which are not using the British date (DD/MM/YYYY) format. You might get an error message when you try to change your settings indicating that the Autoreply From date that you specified is invalid even though the date is correct.
  7. The address auto-complete feature in the To, Cc and Bcc text boxes in the Compose page is now case-insensitive. Previously, it was case sensitive resulting in some addresses not appearing.