October 22nd, 2019 – With 90% of data breaches caused by Employee Error and/or Behavior (TechRadar 2019), InternetNow! decided to take this opportunity:

  • To raise awareness on how employee negligence or lack of awareness can be the root cause of a cyber-attack; and
  • To advocate how SME’s can execute cybersecurity awareness training at NO COST – as it is fully reimbursable.


Employers who contribute to HRDF Malaysia should make use of this opportunity by claiming it under “Skim Bantuan Latihan (SBL)”, where it states that there is ‘NO’ Maximum or Minimum claim limit for e-learning (Online Distance Learning).

Why Employers should invest in Security AwarenessNow!?

A fully managed automated cybersecurity training service that is designed to prepare your employees from today’s sophisticated cyber attacks.

  • Delivered at the ease of their workstations
  • Monthly simulated phishing attacks
  • A highly interactive web-based training module
  • Short assessments to measure the level of absorption
  • Detailed reports, showing stats and graphs for both training and phishing, ready for management


This ensures your employees understand the fundamental mechanism of spam, phishing, malware social engineering and etc. Thus, providing a wholesome cybersecurity training experience.

The ‘talk and chalk’ model just doesn’t cut it anymore as employees need to be molded into keeping cybersecurity at the top of mind all the time. Current awareness training programs are drawn out, fragmented which creates a knowledge gap. You want effective training for your employees about the most important attack vectors now, not next week or in six months.

Contact us & learn how you can empower your employees and transform them into a human firewall at NO COST!

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