Create your own campaigns

It is your contacts and its totally up to you what kind of marketing campaigns you want to do. Create cool technology updates, company announcements and invitations or new services launches.

Send beautiful looking HTML emails

You can create the perfect visual email by using our online editor or cut+paste your content. It is so easy to even add your own attachment to your campaign.

Measure your success

Easy to read reports keeps you inform at a glance on the status of your campaign. You can find how many of your readers actually opened the email and if a link is provided in the email, how many actually clicked on it.

Your contacts belongs to you

Upload your contacts easily and yet be assured that it’s not shared or used by anyone else. PDPA is enforced in Malaysia and we treat your contacts as private information that are not shared nor viewed by anyone else besides you.

We know exactly how it feels like using some online email marketing tools only to end up sharing your contacts to the provider that resells the database. This is your contacts and it belongs to you, we ensure through our system and support policy that it remains so.

What are you working on?

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