We are all familiar with the problem. Today, well over 90% of all e-mails worldwide are spam. That is 160 billion unnecessary e-mail worldwide every day. Companies suffer losses in billions from waste of work time, resources, unnecessary traffic, threats from viruses and trojans, loss of essential business mails, e-mail infrastructure outages.



In partnership with antispameurope, Europe’s premier provider of managed cloud e-mail services, businesses now have a revolutionary solution to these problem.

Using a completely cloud-based model, all your e-mails are routed via antispameurope datacentres spread across Europe. There, they are analysed by a series of sophiscated algorithms that filter viruses and difficult-to-detect spams, such as picture spam. The clean e-mails are then forwarded to your office.

And the best news: It does more than just spam filtering. It can also archive all your mails and acts as a redundant e-mail system during emergencies



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  • No software or hardware on-site. Everything is on the cloud. Save on space, electricity and depreciation.
  • Not just spam filtering but also e-mail archiving and e-mail continuity. Something appliance-based solution can’t offer.
  • No time consuming installation and maintenance.
  • No need to worry over hardware failures.
  • Individual users have easy access to the spam quarantined and e-mail archived via web or Microsoft Outlook.
  • No need to worry over software updates. In fact it is continuously updated to ensure the best detection rates.
  • Ability to scale as your company grows. Pay just for what you need today.
  • No IT personnel overhead to maintain.




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