What is AirBoxNow! ?

AirBoxNow! is a complete file sharing solution covering the whole spectrum from server, desktop and mobile clients, and web-based access.

You can think of it like corporate file sharing drop-box.

With one major difference: The data is stored on your premise. Giving you total control over your own data.



Empower your staff to work anywhere at any time

In today’s age of fast and mobile Internet connectivity, employees are no longer bound to working at the office or just from 9 to 5. We find ourselves responding to customer√≠s queries while waiting for an appointment, catching up on some reading over lunch or working from home at odd hours.

The possibilities are endless and it allows companies to be agile and more efficient.

However many companies are slow to respond to this shift and their competitors are gaining an edge over them by being able to respond to the customers faster. The companies that can respond faster, are most likely to keep existing customers and win over new ones.

AirBoxNow! allows employees to have access to their documents anywhere, on any device and any time: so they can respond faster.


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