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MailNow 5.0.80

New Features: 1. Domain level address books: You can now create numerous address books which is visible to all the users under the domain. You can use this users to share contacts and distribution lists between the users in your company. Amongst the key attributes of this new...

MailNow 5.0.79

  User Setting Form: You may now request for changes to be made to your account settings (specifically forwarding and autoreply settings) by sending an email to   usersettings@yourdomain.com, userinfo@yourdomain.comor autoreply@yourdomain.com. By sending any kind of email to...

MailNow 5.0.78

  New Features MailNow! 5 now implements online licensing. To use the software, you now need an activation key. The MailNow! software is activated via the Internet, so you need to have Internet connection (HTTPS) on the MailNow! server. Evaluation keys can be obtained from...

MailNow 5.0.77

  New Features We fully support non-English character set now. You can receive and send out mails in languages like Japanese, Korean, Chinese and Thai now. In addition to manually specifying the default character set to be used when composing, MailNow! can now automatically...

MailNow 5.0.74

  New Features Keyboard shortcuts are now implemented.   The installer will enable ASP.Net on IIS 6 (Windows 2003, XP Pro 64-bit) which is disabled by default.   The installer will generate a log file (C:\MN5InstallerLog.txt or within the root directory where...

MailNow 5.0.73

  New Features Using POP3, you can now download other folders than the inbox. To do so, configure your POP3 account name as <account_name>#<folder name>. So for example if your account name is ali@internetnow.com and you would like to download your “Deleted...

MailNow 5.0.72

  New Features A more user-friendly bounced back mail. The undeliverable mail’s subject, sender address, recipient address clearly specified. The header of the undeliverable mail is no longer attached separately, instead its included inline in the bounced-back mail....