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MailNow! 6

Leading Email Server for Business

Focuses on Accountability and Reliability,
on these two solid design decisions,
you have the best Email server for business productivity.

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ProxyNow! 5

Internet Productivity

Manage, control and boost internet access with ease.
Promotes productive use of the internet.
On demand and access visual & comprehensive network reports.

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Corporate File Sharing Solution

Share files at ANYTIME from ANYWHERE
on the Internet securely.

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Cloud is the Best Place for Backup

Backup corporate data OFFSITE to the CLOUD
Full Encryption of data before storing.

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Premium Cloud Security Services

Ensure smooth and secure communications,
without the need to invest in any extra hardware or software.

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Essential Protection and insight
for Outlook users

Prevent 90% of most frauds, fakes and delay of mails
with this Security tool

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Generate leads without giving away
important contacts

Offers simple tools that make it easy to send beautiful
email campaigns. Keep in touch with your clients and keep
them updated on your company events and news.

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Ultimate security solution protects your business.

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Sophos UTM

Formerly known as Astaro

Protect your network using multi-layered proven protection
technologies including Advanced Threat Protection (ATP), IPS,
VPN, email and web filtering combined with the industry’s
simplest admin interface.

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Open Source Backup Software

Amanda Enterprise software provides enterprise-level backup
at a fifth of the cost of proprietary backup products

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Ultimate control over data leaks

Protect your business from internal threats with
Secure Tower - a complex Data Leak Protection system

Data partner in productivity & security

Leading Internet Solution Provider in Malaysia

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