• Monthly Phishing Attack Simulation encourages a change in behaviour to make employees more cautious when dealing with suspicious mails. Also measures the level of awareness in company.

  • Periodic online assessment measures level of awareness.



  • Additional online learning module assigned to relevant employees. Modules are interactive with focus on exercises rather than pure reading. Gamification used to make learning more fun.

  • Online learning can be automatically assigned for those that fail Phishing Simulation for a Just-In-Time (JIT) training. Immediate training for those that need it.



Detailed reports and statistics available for:

  • Phishing Attack: Number of employees that opened dangerous attachment, clicked on phishing link, gave away their credentials on phishing site, read the training message completely.

  • Online Learning module: Number of employees who started the training, those that completed, those in progress.

  • Assessments: The scores by each staff, department or company as whole. Compare to other companies in your industry.