What is Security AwarenessNow!

Security AwarenessNow! is a fully managed cybersecurity training service which encourages a change in behaviour. Making employees more cautious, when dealing with suspicious emails.

Don’t Let your employees be the Weakest Link in your IT Security

Current Security Layers, do not sufficiently address your WEAKEST LINK, “YOUR EMPLOYEES” & Media Prima learnt this the hard way as they found themself infected by Ransomware in November 2018, despite investing in the best security software their budget allows! All it took was 1 or 2 clicks by their unsuspecting employees to cause the attack. Read More Here


(Chief Executive, 2017)

The ‘talk and chalk’ model just doesn’t cut it anymore as employees need to be moulded into keeping cybersecurity at the top of mind all the time. Current awareness training programs are drawn out, fragmented which creates a knowledge gap. You want effective training for your employees about the most important attack vectors now, not next week or in six months.


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