Threat Notification Isn’t the Solution – It’s a Starting Point

Most organisation pay for antivirus and/or endpoint protection but do not actively monitor its status. Most antivirus and endpoint, simply notify you of attacks and/or suspicious events. Then, it’s up to your IT team to manage things from there. With InsightNow!, organizations are backed by an elite team of experts who take targeted actions to neutralize even the most sophisticated threats within the agreed Service Level Agreement (SLA).

Change in Attack Strategy



• Organisations had to only worry about malware.
• Malware are malicious software which spreads through the network, removable devices and email.


• Hacking is manually done by cybercriminals to try to find some weakness in your system
• This weakness could be a bug in your software – i.e. a vulnerability
• Or because of bad security policy – i.e. weak passwords or substandard protocols.


Targeted Attack

• Uses a combination of both hacking and malware to achieve monetary gain (e.g. through data theft or ransom payment)
• Hacking is used to get into the system, malware is used create backdoor into your network or also encrypt your data (Ransomware)

Challenges InsightNow! Can Address

Lack of security skills

Most SMEs’ will find it a difficult proposition given their resource limitations to train and set up a dedicated security team that can focus on full-time threat hunting, monitoring, and response.

Challenges when deploying complex endpoint detection and response (EDR) solutions

Which are usually not being maximized due to a lack of time, skills, and funds to train personnel to handle the tools.

Ability to analyze all the factors and indicators within a time frame

Security teams need to correlate these threats, since correlation can reveal whether seemingly insignificant indicators all add up as part of a larger attack.

Sheer volume of alerts security and IT teams regularly receive

Cannot be readily identified as malicious, and have to be checked on an individual basis.

Our Approach

Why Choose Us?
Prevent Targeted Attacks

To discover if cybercriminals are already inside your network (also known as Advanced Persistent Threat – APT), where they remain stealthy undetected for an extended period.

Access to the
Best Tools

SMEs’ – Sophos Intercept X Advanced with EDR
Enterprise – Stellar Cyber Starlight

Managed Protection

Highly-trained team monitoring your network/ PCs’ 24×7 for SMEs’ and Enterprises


SMEs’ – Monthly susbscription which reduces your OPEX – customise the no. PC’s monitored
Enterprise – Recruiting a team to monitor and respond 24×7 would cost many times more!

Cybersecurity Transformation Kit

Revisiting your Cybersecurity Playbook – and finding where to begin your transformation journey – isn’t easy. We’ve created this Transformative Toolkit to help you navigate the landscape and gain some insight on where to start your transformation.

  • Report

  • Infographic

  • IT Checklist

Threat Notification Isn’t the Solution – It’s a Starting Point!

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