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Work Remotely, Securely

Why upgrade and pay more to access payroll system, accounting software, office files, ERP, CRM and etc when you can access ALL of it securely via Cloud-VPNNow!


A FREE VPN service to ensure Malaysians can access ALL their CURRENT OFFICE SYSTEMS
securely by just staying at home during CoVid-19’s Partial Lockdown.


Who should use Cloud-VPNNow!

Employees that need to access their current office systems or software like:
  • Payroll Systems
  • Accounting Softwares
  • Office Files, ERP, CRM and etc


Remain secure on the internet. Protect yourself and your organization from hackers and any other people which may harm you and your company.


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What is Cloud-VPNNow!


This is a cloud-based VPN (also known as a virtual private network as a service (VPNaas) or hosted VPN) that is specifically designed for the cloud. A cloud VPN enables users to securely access a company’s applications, data, and files through the cloud-based VPN.


24/7 Easy Access

  • Anytime from the comfort of your home
  • Access all your current office systems via Cloud-VPNNow!

Secure – Industry strength encryption

We are using industry-standard VPN technology. So its the most
secure technology available today. More info here.

Fast Setup – Via 3 Steps

No additional hardware required, no need to open any network port, no fixed IP or dynamic DNS needed.


Step 1

We create an account for you on our server.

Step 2

Install OpenVPN client on to your personal devices and servers you want to access.

Step 3

Connect and browse your intranet* securely.

*Users can only access the server that installs the VPN client, not the entire local network


Setup Illustration


#Note: Services are provided on the best effort basis. *Terms & Conditions Applies